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We use all these things in our daily life. All of them work in different ways, but they need one things in common. Do you know what it is?

You will learn....
1.) Identify things that use batteries
2.) How to use a battery
3.) How to make a complete circuit

Lesson 1:Identify things that use batteries

i.) What are the things that use batteries?

 These are batteries:-

ii.) We use batteries on many things in our daily life.


Lesson 2:How to use a battery

i.) Do you know how to use a battery?
 This is a battery with positive terminal on one end and negative terminal on the other end.

ii.) Here are the steps we can insert a battery into an alarm clock correctly.

Step 1:
Check the positive '+' and negative '-' symbols on the battery.

Step 2:
Check the alarm clock and find the slot for the battery.

Step 3:
Insert the battery with the correct symbols accordingly into the slot.The slot is marked '+' on one end and '-' on the other.

Step 4:
Then, press the positive end of the battery so that it fits into the battery holder properly.


Lesson 3:How to make a complete circuit

i.) Do you know how to make a complete circuit?

When a light bulb is connected to a battery with a piece of wire, the bulb lights up. This is called a complete circuit.

ii.) There are many different ways in which the battery, wires and a bulb can be connected.

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