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Unit 1 :Living Things and Non-Living Things

Look around you.There are many different types of things on this earth. Do you know which are living things and non-living things.

Below as a lesson :-
1.) Things around us.
2.) Characteristics of Living Things.

Let go watch a story below:-

Lesson1:-Things around us

There are many things around us. There are two groups of things:

Do you know the differences between livings and non-living things.

i.) Living things are things that are alive.
ii.)Non-living things are things that are not alive or were once alive.

Lesson 2:- Characteristics of Living Things

What do living things need to stay alive? What can Living Things Do?

These are the characteristics of living things:
1.)Need food and water
2.)Can breathe
3.)Can Grow
4.)Can Move
5.)Can Produce young

Below as Activitics-

1.) Which of the following is Living Thing and Non-Living Thing?
List them in the table below:-


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Fabulous ideas- Thank you!

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Thanks u very much u help to teach my child to know characteristic of living things in level of primary school especially class one and two

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