Cute Purple Flying Butterfly

Unit 4: Plants

You will learn...
1.) Plants need the right amount of water for healthy growth.
2.) Flowering Plants Produce seeds which grow into new plants.

Lesson 1:-How much water Do Plants Need?

i.) Do you know how much water does a plant need?

ii.) All plants need the right amount of water for health growth.

iii.) When a plants grows, it becomes taller, bigger and has more leaves.

iv.) Plants will wilt and die if not watered for a long time.

v.) However, too much water kill them.

Lesson 2:-Flowering Plants Produce New Plants.

i.) How do seeds grow into plants?
ii.) Most plants have plants. Flowering plants are plants that produce flowers.
iii.) These flowers will develope into fruits.There are seeds in the fruits.
iv.) When a seed falls on the ground, it will grow into a new plant.

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